The Cause


The Solution

There are two core fears that everyone has:

  • Fear of not being good enough (Fear of Failure)

  • Fear that our life may not being good enough  (Fear of Loss)

When these fears are strong enough, they destroy self-esteem and keep us from finding the joy we are meant to have in this life.

These fears create defensiveness and eventually lead to bad behavior.  The following behaviors may be signs of fear in our life:

  • Critical of others

  • Blame others for everything

  • Act superior to mask our fear

  • Afraid to try new things for fear of failing

  • Get defensive or offended easily

  • Talk too much 

  • Need to be in control

  • Perfectionist

  • Hoarder

  • Doormat

  • Victim/Martyr mentality

The solution would be to eliminate those fears and gain clarity in our relationships, confidence in our actions and abilities and exhibit better behavior.

The first step to accomplishing those goals would be to identify where fear might be showing up in your life and your relationships.  The "Hartman Values Profile" assessment will give us an accurate picture of where you might be reacting from a place of fear instead of acting from a place of trust and love.



Take the FREE Fear Assessment and your results will be emailed to you immediately.  I will then contact you to set up a FREE 20-30 minute consultation about the results of your assessment.

Our time tested and very effective 12 session coaching program, based on simplified applied psychology and science and grounded in the principles of the Gospel, will help you to:

  • Discover subconscious policies

  • Rewrite policies that are not serving you well

  • Learn the tools necessary to act from a position of trust and love instead of reacting from a position of fear

  • Respect yourself and others from a position of strength, love, maturity and wisdom

  • Communicate in a way that is mutually validating for both parties

  • Have the confidence needed to move forward trusting yourself

  • Create actions motivated by love, not fear

  • Make choices that will help you live in the moment with clarity

  • See others clearly and create healthy relationships

  • Create the life you want

With me as your coach, you will:

  • Gain knowledge of your infinite and absolute value

  • Think of life as a classroom, not a test

  • Overcome the fears of failure and loss

  • Build great relationships with those you love

  • Improve your use of time and talents

  • Practice principles of trust, love and acceptance

  • Gain personal power by learning to trust God and yourself

  • Develop the self-esteem necessary to move forward with your goals and desires

  • Avoid carrying responsibilities that are not yours

  • Develop great communication skills that validate both parties

  • Accept "what is" with gratitude and joy
 helps you see yourself and your life accurately so you                     have more "Joy in the Journey". 2017