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Our journey begins with the Hartman Values Profile.

Robert S. Hartman grew up in Germany where he witnessed firsthand the moral confusion that was manifest with Hitler’s rise to power. He wondered how “ideas” could become more important than human life.  He dedicated his entire life developing the science of axiology (from the Greek “axia” meaning “value” or “worth").  He created a mathematical system that accurately measures the order in which we place value on our everyday experiences.  He was nominated for the Nobel Prize for his work in this area.  His “assessment” helps us bring to light the principles that order and structure our value judgments and our moral decisions. 

By using this extremely accurate and simple assessment, we can see clearly which areas of our life might be functioning from a place of fear instead of from a place of clarity.



​Click on the button below to take the FREE Fear Assessment.  Your results will be emailed to you immediately. 

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