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Our highest praise for Debbie Kelly and her ability as our Life Coach. She is amazing, kind, caring, patient, and has a great sense of humor. Coach Debbie taught us the Clarity Point principles flawlessly. Debbie helped us to recognize our core fears and showed us how to identify our bad policies that were driving certain behaviors. She taught us how to rewrite those bad policies in order to gain more clarity and happiness in our lives. We so enjoyed our weekly sessions and the flashes of inspiration that came by being diligent with our homework. After our 12 sessions, we feel like we are better more loving versions of ourselves. "Thank you Debbie, we love and adore you!"  "So grateful to call you our friend!"

            Brian and Tora Johnson

Coach Debbie has helped me understand the Atonement on a deeper level.  I love my Savior, but I never really understood how to apply the Atonement to my life. It was easy to trust He could save others, but not me. That's all behind me now and I see everything with greater clarity!                 Kristine M

I have suffered from overwhelming discouragement from time to time, and felt confusion about why I was not feeling peace and joy in my life. Coach Debbie guided me as I uncovered those things that have been holding me back from the happiness I have desired! Thanks for giving me eyes that see!                                            Marla K

I wish  I would have met Debbie years ago! She and Life Coaching have changed my life for the better. I no longer live my life from a place of fear and anxiety. I have learned to be myself and love myself.  What a welcome difference! Debbie is relatable, funny, and engaging. I am so grateful for her and the role she has played in my life.

                     Maren J H

I have been a Relief Society President for 4 years and still struggled with feelings of inadequacy.......until Coach Debbie helped me strip away the faulty policies that made me feel as if I was always only one bad decision away from forfeiting Heaven! I now live my life in joy and love and not FEAR!         Catheryn J

Going through this program with Debbie as my coach has totally changed the way I act and interact. Miracles happen because I have learned to trust and love and accept myself and others exactly where we are at. Feeling totally confident in the plan and helping others has become my primary focus in life.       Jayce P

Clarity Point Training with Debbie Kelly was the best investment in myself and my family that I have ever made. It was time very well spent.  I learned what I have been searching for from meeting with counselors, participating in self development programs and reading self help books for years! I never dreamed I could feel this happy, this free and feel this much love for my husband and for my kids.I now realize I had all the right answers before, but I couldn't figure out how to bring them into focus and apply them. Now, Christ truly is my center and I have genuine happiness in my heart that I have longed for but haven't felt consistently since I was a child. I see myself clearly and know how to see others clearly and that has brought a light and joy into my life which brings me purpose and peace.  I absolutely want everyone I love to have the opportunity to see and understand this too, by having Debbie as their coach.  I highly recommend this experience especially to those who try so hard to do everything right and feel like they are always falling short.

                               Lorene W

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